Parenting ,Coaching, and Rehabbing Young Athletes

Kimberly Pash May 31, 2017 DrydenWire, News

As a father of children involved in athletics, coaching youth athletics and seeing countless young athletes in the clinic, I thought I would share with you a book I recently finished reading. The book is titled; Sports Without Pressure; A Guide for Parents and Coaches of Young Athletes. The book written by Eric Margenau , […]

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Pool Therapy – No Pressure Pain Relief

Kimberly Pash May 24, 2017 DrydenWire, News

Do you or anyone you know suffer from either arthritis or bursitis? Chances are many of my readers or someone you know has dealt with or currently is experiencing these very debilitating conditions. Many people can be frustrated at the annoying pain and loss in quality of life caused by these conditions.  Most people think […]

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ACL Injuries Rehabilitation and Prevention

Kimberly Pash May 19, 2017 DrydenWire, News

Whether it is our favorite athlete on TV, family member or friend, most of us have all heard of or have seen someone suffer an ACL injury. The ACL is clinically defined as; the anterior cruciate ligament. The ACL is the ligament in the knee that connects and stabilizes the Femur or long thigh bone […]

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Dizziness Vertigo and You

Kimberly Pash May 11, 2017 DrydenWire, News

Recently, I have seen an increase of cases in the clinic classified as a vestibular disorder, and more specifically; Benign Positional Paroxysmal Vertigo (BPPV). OK, I know big words right? What does this mean and how does one seek relief? Vertigo can be as simple as feeling unsteady or off balance but can also present […]

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Pull Weeds not Muscles

Kimberly Pash May 4, 2017 DrydenWire, News

This recent warm weather has turned me and many of my reader’s attention toward the yard and garden season!  While gardening is a fantastic hobby and very rewarding, the next few weeks will flood my office with people who pulled a muscle rather than the pesky weed they were aiming for! You wouldn’t plant your […]

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