Swing Into Summer Golf Season

Over the past several weeks, I have seen a steady increase in injuries and strains related to golfing. When most people think of golfing they do not realize how easily one can strain themselves. However, when swinging a golf club you will use nearly every muscle in your body. Due to the right or left handed repetitive swing in one direction, you are also stressing certain portions of the body on one side more than the other. This type of repetitive stress can cause postural syndromes leading to other joint and muscle soreness. Today, we will look at the 2 most common areas injured, as well as the importance of a easy and simple stretching and warm up program. Pay special attention at the bottom of the page to earn a free sleeve of golf balls!


Sometime termed “lumbago” is due to the stress and rotary movement placed on the spine during the swing. For this reason lumbago is the most common complaint of golfers in my office. Most strains in the low back are very correctable if treated quickly. Simple stretching, core stability and corrective manipulative therapy is most beneficial,


I recently saw a gentlemen who failed to warm up prior to his round as he was being hurried to the tee. His first swing in the day was a little “fat” meaning he made too much contact with the ground. As a result he sustained a partial thickness rotator cuff tear. He had no idea the severity of the injury which ultimately led to frozen shoulder. This led to months of doctors visits,  pain and lost rounds of golf! I will have you know he is doing much better now! In this case his specialized care consisted of; Scapular stabilization, passive stretching and a supervised rotator cuff neuromuscular activation program.


Did you know that there is a direct relationship between the amount of time spent warming up and a low handicap?  A majority of golf injuries can be prevented with a mechanically correct swing as well as a proper warm up and stretching program. Fred Friedman, the local PGA instructor, is a great resource for help with swing mechanics. YOUR rehab team at Spooner & Hayward Physical Therapy & Wellness can assist in a customized stretching and warm up program for you and is very happy to do so at no cost! Do not hesitate to call my office today for your complimentary custom golf warm up and stretching program designed to meet your needs. Add 10 yards to your drive or your money back!

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