April 14, 2014

For Immediate Release

Contact: Erik Larson, DPT
Spooner Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists
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Erik Larson, DPT Returns Home; Joins the Spooner & Hayward Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists Family to Improve Our Community’s Quality of Life

Spooner/Hayward, WI (April 14, 2014) – Erik Larson, DPT, originally a native of Washburn County, is returning to his hometown to better meet the needs of our community. Erik looks forward to joining the family-friendly atmosphere at Spooner & Hayward Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists (Spooner & Hayward PTRS), as well as offer additional treatment methods to improve the quality of life for our neighborhood.

Erik and his wife have dreamed about raising their two children in their hometown. “My wife and I, being local graduates, have always been looking to return ‘home.’ The beauty of the North Woods and all the opportunities that come with it were too much to ignore anymore. We have a high level of respect for the Spooner school system and our boys attending such top notch schooling is a priority for us,” said Larson. “I am very excited to become part of the fabric of this community and treat our family, friends, and neighbors,” he continued.

Erik received his Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences in 2008 and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011 from the College of St. Scholastica. He holds a vast experience in several different treatment specializations including sports injuries and orthopedic rehabilitation, as well as pediatric rehabilitation and torticollis, a condition where the neck twists and the head becomes tilted in young children.

Erik is committed to providing the best quality of care to his patients and is overjoyed to offer Postural Restoration and Wound Care specializations. Postural Restoration assists patients who suffer from chronic orthopedic conditions. It uses a treatment method focusing on stabilizing the pelvis to create a strong foundation for the body. “It is my belief that the pelvis and spine are often overlooked root causes for shoulder, knee, jaw, and other chronic pain,” states Larson. Wound Care is a cost-effective program to assist patients who have recently undergone surgery, suffer from traumatic injuries, or have chronic skin ulcers. Erik’s goal for each patient is to identify the root cause of pain and relieve it. For athletes, his goal is to help them excel physically, and give them the confidence to gain a competitive edge in their respective activities.

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The staff at Spooner & Hayward PTRS welcomes Erik to the team with open arms. They are excited to bring his passion and specialty services to our community, and offer new pain management and wellness solutions to its members.

Spooner & Hayward PTRS are proud to serve the North Woods 5+ years. Specializing in sports injuries, industrial medicine, injury prevention education, and pre/post operative services the staff prides themselves on providing the best quality treatment and care to their patients. For more information, visit www.restoringhumanperformance.com