Early Intervention Rehabilitation

Safe and Timely Return to Work
For patients injured on the job, our therapists implement an aggressive work injury program while incorporating functional testing to determine a patient’s current abilities in relation to his or her job demands and pain levels. As we understand that no two injuries are alike, we create an individualized treatment plan that simulates each worker’s job tasks in order to receive the best outcomes. This approach allows us to return patients back to work more quickly, therefore cutting down on worker’s compensation costs and time away from work. Throughout the course of treatment, we promise to proactively communicate a worker’s job restrictions, job modifications and return-to-work abilities to the employer.

Work Hardening/Work Conditioning
When an employee has been away from work for an extended period of time due to an injury, it is ideal for him/her to complete a Work Hardening/Work Conditioning Program. This program simulates an injured worker’s job in the clinic and assesses his/her productivity, safety and physical tolerances. This transitional program will help employees prevent future injuries and build strength and endurance to ensure they are fully prepared to perform return to work.

Don’t forget – we offer complimentary transportation services for those injured on the job to ensure your employees are compliant with their treatment and therefore, able to return to work quicker.

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