Injury Prevention Programs

Our team is dedicated to meeting your company’s needs. An introductory meeting will help us determine which injury prevention programs would be the best fit for your employees.

Wellness Seminars & Customized Stretching Programs:
Proper back and body mechanics are important to maintain body control and balance, promote efficient and safe movements and to reduce stress and strain to the musculoskeletal system to prevent injury. Our skilled physical therapy staff can instruct individual departments or an entire staff on how to safely perform lift, push, pull, reach, and/or transfer activities at their standing work stations, or how to set-up a desk work station for computer and prolonged sitting work activities. A flexibility exercise program including handouts can be offered for employers wishing to implement a daily stretching routine to prevent injury or strain.

Onsite First Aid Services:
Reduce workers’ compensation cases and OSHA recordables by having a therapist provide scheduled onsite first aid services. Our team will assess an employee’s aches and pains and suggest proper exercise, stretching and first aid techniques to relieve the symptoms.

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